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Technology & Digital Transformation

With rapid technology innovations during the past few years, many organizations are facing important questions on how to leverage new technologies to bring growth and reach organizational objectives. Prophet is here to help.

Through technical innovation and disruption, we help our clients make important choices to deliver unprecedented growth and productivity.

The primary mission of our Technology & Digital Transformation team is to apply innovative technologies to help our clients achieve unprecedented efficiency through technical innovation and disruption. We act as a gap-closer that bridges and transforms new technologies from research or early adoption phase into business applications across industries with immediate and impactful results.

Our current technology focus includes artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, big data analytics as well as augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR). Contact us today to see how our technology expertise can help you transform and grow your business and organization.


Core Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Automation and Productivity

  • Data Extraction & Analytics

  • Insight Generation

  • Neural Networks

  • Computer Vision

  • Deep Learning Models


Decentralized and Secure

  • Blockchain Construction

  • Transaction Logics

  • Security

  • Digital Currencies & Analytics

Big Data

Insightful and Impactful

  • Data Cleansing & Digestion

  • Data Warehousing & Storage

  • Analytical Algorithm Development

  • Real Time Feedback

Augmented Reality

Virtual Information Display

  • Information Overlay

  • Virtual Object Creation

  • 3D Camera Rendering

  • Cross Platform Functionality

Virtual Reality

Your Digital Reality 

  • Digital Rendering & Display

  • 3D Object Creation

  • Controllable Elements

  • Cross Platform Functionality

RFID Technology

Inventory Tracking

  • Radio Frequency Expertise

  • Reading and Writing Tags

  • Real Time Item Counts

  • Location Tracking

  • Mapping and Navigation

Industry Experience


  • Property/Casualty Sector

  • Drone-Based Imaging Capture

  • 3D Reconstruction of Property

  • Automated Measurements including pitch, ridge length, surface area, etc.

  • Automated Damage Detection using Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Automated Report Generation for Insurance Experts and Real Estate Consumers

  • System Integration between Insurance Companies and Drone Operators

IMPACT: Property claims went from a 1-month manual process to a 3-hour automated computation.


Traditional Energy (Oil & Gas)

  • Prediction on Pipeline Output based on Pipeline Parameters and Weather Conditions

  • Hyper-spectral Imaging of Pipeline Infrastructure

  • Early Gas Leak Detection using Hyper-spectral Analysis

  • Drone-Based Oil Infrastructure Inspection

  • Automated Damage Detection using Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Automated Report Generation for Safety Inspectors


  • Inventory Tracking 

  • RFID-Based Tagging and Scanning of All Inventories

  • In-Door Mapping of Retail Spaces, Stock Rooms, and Storage Facilities

  • Location Calculation of all RFID-Tagged Items

  • Item Filtering and Searching

  • Augmented Reality Based Navigation System

  • In-Store Associates Work Flow Optimization

  • Enhanced Functionalities with Customer Facing Applications

  • Executive Portal and Reporting

IMPACT: All store operations experienced productivity increase from anywhere between 30%-60%.

Green Energy (Solar & Wind)

  • Facility and Structural Inspection using Traditional Camera and Heat Sensors

  • Damage Detection on Wind Blade and Structural Support Pillars

  • Heat Panel Anomaly Detection

  • Power Output Prediction based on Weather Conditions

IMPACT: Dramatically improved inspection safety standards using non-human objects; rapid signal generation and detection algorithms ensure real time and accurate results; projected savings exceed $5 million/year.