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Management Consulting

Prophet Partners provide individualized consulting services. Located in Manhattan, NY, the management consulting team leverages years of business experiences and cooperation with the United Nations, Nasdaq, media organizations, and top business schools (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, etc.) to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Prophet Partners tailors overseas promotion and marketing through in-depth understanding of each client, serving companies every step of the way in their globalization strategy.

Our management consulting practice helps leading institutions and business organizations develop market-driven strategies that provide sustainable competitive advantage. We do this through core competencies related to primary research and industry expertise, generating business intelligence required to position a company favorably in an ever-changing landscape.

Our strategic development not only emphasizes client's internal strengths and historically vetted patterns of operation, it also grounds strategic planning in the needs of customers and the shortcomings or strengths of competitors.


Services and Capabilities

Company Registration and Branding

​Intellectual property (IP) protection is an important issue in the United States. Our services ensure that your IP and registered trademarks are well protected.

Optimized Office Locations

Each state or city in the United States has its own specific commercial/industry regulations to promote or restrict businesses from entering the market. We will identify the best locations to set up business, branch offices, or factories in order to maximize your bottom line.

Administration and Accounting

Our services include accounting, settlement, payment, and budgeting. We will provide you with the most appropriate business administration and accounting services based on your business needs. We will also manage market relationships and handle any unexpected situations for you.

Legal Counseling

We retain the best and most experienced legal experts in their respective fields to handle contracts, agreements, and various other legal documents and business problems for you. This service will also give you long-term protection in labor, employment, and investment related legal issues.

Recruitment and Training

We help you recruit and train local employees and staff members. Through cooperation with well-known universities and local recruitment agencies, we have the capability to search and find the best possible candidates for your business operations.

Marketing Strategies

We excel at developing communication strategies with US consumers to maximize your return on investment. We also utilize strategies that adapt to European standards to further analyze and plan international positioning of your brands. In addition, we manage and execute marketing and campaign events on a day-to-day basis.


We partner with many experts in a large variety of industries, including technology, investment, insurance, education, biomedical, as well as various other important economic areas. We can help you enter the US markets through identifying effective US operation partners and reducing its related business costs.

Conventions, Exhibitions, and Events

We help you with event registration, facility preparation, communication, and participation in major industrial events. Through these effective arrangements, we help you allow consumers and other businesses fully understand your services and offerings. We support your team and create opportunities for you to manage and grow local business and consumer relationships.

Our Methods

3. Planning

We tailor unique action plans for you based on your needs and timing.

2. Analyze

We analyze collected data to understand market needs and discover new opportunities.

1. Research

We investigate market statistics and collect industry specific information for you in order to identify consumer trends.

4. Development

We conduct business actions during project development and provide real time feedback.

5. Management

We regularly update your business and services on your behalf to the customers.